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Lukas has been a part of VSP since 2014. It has been a real joy to see Lukas grow into the smart, calm, and confident person he is today. Lukas admits that if it wasn't for the Valpo Surf Project he may have fallen in with the drug and gang activity that is a reality in his neighborhood. With the help of VSP mentors Lukas has developed healthy interests and skills outside of that world. He loves art, music, and playing the guitar. He plans on studying photography or gastronomy after high school.  


Francisca is one of VSP's up and coming female surfers. She loves being a part of VSP because of the safe environment and the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. Although her neighborhood has an amazing view of the ocean, shootings are a common occurrence, especially at night. VSP is an important part of her life, the program has helped her deal with conflicts and problems within her family. Francisca just started high school and is working with VSP mentors to keep her grades up. 


As one of our oldest students, Álvaro truly embodies the values of the Valpo Surf Project. He is the first to welcome new students into the VSP family and teach them about the program. He is a mentor to many of our younger participants. On Saturdays he can always be found on his body board with a big smile. Over the past 8 years, the Valpo Surf Project has been an important part of his life, giving him a safe space to be himself and open up to people.

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