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Beach Clean: Playa Portales

As part of the national Chilean campaign, United for Clean Waters, the Valpo Surf Project teamed up with Sea Shepherd Chile to represent Valparaíso in cleaning the Portales Beach on March 26. This was the 5th annual campaign and over 650 volunteers participated in 26 locations across 10 regions throughout Chile. The campaign collected 5,000 kilos of trash in total.

Our VSP team arrived at the beach at 11 am, armed with plastic bags and ready to get to work. We split up the beach, with the group from Sea Shepherd tackling the southern side, and us working our way towards the northern side. In total we recovered 115 kilos of trash. We ended the day with an epic game of capture the flag, to congratulate everyone for all the hard work they put in and enjoy a nice clean beach.

Thanks to Vigilante Costero Norte for organizing the campaign, as well as all who participated in the grand effort throughout Chile to take care of our coast, rivers and water sources.

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