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Making Pizza

The kids of Cerro Toro turned up the heat in the kitchen of Club Cochrane in Cerro Toro last Thursday, making pizzas and selling it to neighbors, family and friends. The main purpose of the event was to learn about entrepreneurship and have fun.

The kids organized everything, with our support. From choosing what kind of ingredients, price, advertising, making and selling the pizza when the day arrived. The kids decided on having two types: one with ham, pepperoni, tomato, oregano and cheese; and the other with corn, cheese, tomato sauce, and ham. We started cooking around 5:30 pm and by 6:30 Pizzeria Cochrane was in full swing! The kids organized point people for who would remain in the kitchen to check the oven, who would deal with the customers and who would wrap and deliver the pizzas when they were ready. Family, friends and neighbors all stopped by to patronize as well as some hungry taxi drivers and people on their way home from work.

Selling each slice for 500 pesos, the kids sold out of pizza within an hour! Everyone was stoked on how successful the whole endeavor was. As a reward for all the hard work, we are going to use the earnings within the coming week to go to the famous Pizzeria Ecuador, the best spot in Valpo. Because, there’s no such thing as too much pizza, right?

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