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Q3 Impact Report 2022

Girl with pink sweater looking out at wetlands through binoculars
VSP student on a recent excursion to wetlands near where we usually go surfing.

Thanks to your generosity, through the month of August we:

Despite the cold winter temperatures in Chile, June, July, and August were action packed months for VSP. We officially partnered with Blas Cuevas Elementary School, with students participating in weekly surf sessions and educational activities as part of their school curriculum. We also began working with an additional Mejor Niñez residency (state-operated homes which offer rehabilitation and care for youth removed from unsafe living situations) located in Villa Alemana, a city 30 minutes away from Valparaíso.

Our surf coordinator, Felipe, restarted advanced surf sessions (also known as GROM). These surf sessions are designed to give motivated VSP participants the opportunity to deepen their surf practice and gain more technical skills in the sport. There are currently 3 students participating in the program and will expand to include 10-15 students as we head into 2023.


Program Highlight

During a recent environmental excursion, our programming coordinators realized that 2 students from Blas Cuevas Elementary School and Cerro Toro do not know how to read. Carolina, one of our programming coordinators, in conjunction with Blas Cuevas, will work with these two students during school hours to teach them how to read. Individual attention like this is something we are able to provide that has proven to be challenging for schools. Students across the board are struggling with reading, especially those who completed 1st-3rd grade during pandemic shutdowns. Your support allows us to help kids make up ground as they struggle with critical skills like reading due to COVID restrictions.


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