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Q4 Impact Report

2022 is coming to a close and it has been an incredible year. Your support since 2020 allowed us to weather the uncertainty of the pandemic and be a constant presence for our students and communities in important and impactful ways. 2022 has been the first year since then that our programming activities have been completely in–person.

This year we:

  • Worked with 175 students in 8 communities, including:

    • 4 schools

    • 3 neighborhood organizations

    • Mejor Niñez (ex-SENAME) Centers (4 state run residential homes for children)

  • Provided 520 hours of mentorship over 128 activities, including:

    • 90 surf sessions

    • 9 advanced surf sessions

    • 8 environmental excursions

    • 17 educational activities

    • 4 staff/volunteer trainings

2022 Highlights

  • Graduates of Valpo Surf Project have been integral in our return to in-person programming. The team of 9 graduates organized and led surf sessions during the summer and have continued to help us throughout the academic year.

  • We hired a full-time Surf Coordinator, Felipe Bravo. Felipe’s addition to our team has allowed us to host surf classes 4 days a week throughout the entire year. We were previously only able to maintain that frequency during summer months.

  • We held 2 surf clinics in November with schools from inland Chile. In 2023 we will host more of these clinics which will allow over 150 kids to participate in VSP outside of our regular students.

  • Staff received important certifications and training in water/surf rescue and first aid.

  • We restarted advanced surf sessions. Participating students have shown drastic improvements in their surfing, including: the ability to read the ocean and surfing conditions, surf more difficult waves, and have greater control of their boards. The advanced surf group will expand to at least 6 students surfing 8 times a month in 2023.

  • Our educational activities have focused heavily on social-emotional learning in response to the needs of our students after pandemic lockdowns and school closures.

  • Excursions focused on environmental education have allowed our students to get outside, travel to new places, and learn about the ecosystems that surround them and the importance of protecting those spaces.

Thank you for your important contributions to VSP in 2022. Our impact and growth is not possible without your support.

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