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Winter Pool Sessions

Winter is upon us here in Valparaíso as the days feel a bit shorter and the ocean water feels a lot colder. It’s that time of year to start bundling up with scarves, jackets, and beanies. We want our students and young surfers to keep improving their skills consistently throughout the year, but due to the winter weather we are sometimes unable to go to the beach. Thus, in addition to surfing we’ve recently started our winter pool sessions with our students! No better way to keep our students in the water improving their swimming and paddling skills.

We are fortunate to be able to provide our students swimming lessons at the Naval Academy here in Valparaíso. The facilities are excellent and all our students are ecstatic to have the opportunity to swim here on a weekly basis. The water is definitely warmer than the ocean and spirits are at an all time-high. Our older students often spend the swim lesson working on their technique and challenging themselves to see how many laps they can complete. Our younger students enjoy time in the water with the Valpo Surf Project interns learning different styles of swimming and just being goofy!

Valpo Surf Project will be holding swim lessons all throughout the winter months. Our students are so excited to spend time at the pool and we’re so excited to see our students swimming and paddling skills improve. Come springtime when we resume our weekly surfing schedule. In no time our students are going to be stronger, will have more endurance, and will be able to stay out in the water for longer to face the waves head on!

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