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Winter Vacations Recap

Winter vacations from school for our students meant a time to relax, be with family and friends… and do fun activities with Valpo Surf Project (VSP)! VSP took advantage of the winter vacations by planning some exciting weekly activities to get our students active and out into the community.

One day we took our students to the park and cultural center located in the middle of Valparaíso. It was a sunny day, a bit reminiscent of summer, and time was well spent being in the park just hanging out, playing soccer, and having a picnic lunch together in the park. We also explored the cultural center, which had open photo expositions to the public. It was interesting to get a take on our student’s different perspectives about the different pieces of art on display.

We were also very happy to be invited to Internado again, a beautiful restaurant and event space, located in Cerro Alegre. When we arrived to Internado we had a tour of the entire restaurant and our students learned a bit about the renovation and history of the restaurant. All of us were treated with delicious sandwiches and juice prior to watching a movie in their enormous event space below the restaurant. The movie, which focused on one’s right to education throughout the world, was thought provoking and sparked great conversation among our students. Thanks again to the whole team at Internado for hosting us and making a memorable day for our students!

Another fun activity that our students were super stoked on was a day climbing at Tornamesa! Our students were able to test their physical abilities on the wall, and for some, overcome their fear of heights. Our students participated in top rope climbing as well as ‘monkeying around’ on the bouldering wall. Thanks so much to the team at Tornamesa for hosting us and giving our students tips on how to become better at climbing! The day was finished off by rollerblading, skateboarding, and eating lunch together on the boardwalk outside Tornamesa.

Of course we went surfing and our students were grateful to be able to have full days at the beach with blue skies and bright sunshine. Our students were super focused on standing up and practicing their techniques, so our surf sessions were super exciting and successful all around. We are always so proud of our students for their constant improvements! Little ‘surf chargers’ in the making.

Pool sessions were also part of the weekly activities. Our students really enjoy the pool! It’s a great time to practice swimming, practice on diving, and just enjoy the time in the water.

Winter vacations were definitely a success and we’re so happy that many of our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their vacations.

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