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Groms Make Waves at VSP's Surf Camp

The Valpo Surf Project's (VSP) Groms, an advanced surfing group known for its skilled young surfers, recently celebrated a summer of phenomenal growth and exhilarating new experiences. The Groms program, which saw a swell in student participation from 3 to 13 this past quarter, now proudly includes eager students from every territory VSP touches.

This group of dedicated young surfers not only rode the crests of growth in numbers but also in the depth of their engagement—with a 300% increase in programming activities and a whopping 247% rise in mentorship hours compared to the same time last year.

The highlight of the season was the VSP Surf Camp, a three-day expedition to the renowned surf spots of Pichilemu and Puertecillo. These towns, celebrated for their world-class waves, became the backdrop for a transformative adventure for 11 of the Groms participants. This maiden voyage marked the first of its kind for VSP, where students got the opportunity to surf multiple times a day, challenging themselves on new waves and stepping beyond their comfort zones.

Pichilemu, often referred to as the 'Surf Capital of Chile,' is known for its consistent swells and has hosted numerous international surfing competitions. Puertecillo, a hidden gem with its powerful and clean waves, offered the Groms a chance to test their skills and endurance.

It wasn't just about surfing; the camp was designed to foster life skills crucial for young adults. The students thrived, learning about autonomy, independence, and the spirit of teamwork—whether they were navigating the waves, managing their equipment, or simply helping prepare meals.

VSP's Surf Camp was more than a series of surfing sessions; it was an invaluable life experience. Each wave carved a lesson in resilience, each shared story a lesson in camaraderie, and each challenge overcome a step toward independence.

As VSP looks forward, the Surf Camp experience has set a new benchmark for what's possible. With the foundations laid this year, the VSP team is already looking to replicate and build on the success of the Groms program, ready to make even more significant strides in 2024. The horizon looks promising, and for the Groms of VSP, the future is as bright and exciting as the ocean they love.

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