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Summer Recap

Here in the southern hemisphere we are sad to say goodbye to a great summer, filled with foggy Valparaíso mornings that would turn into sunny days. The Valpo Surf kids got in a lot of good surf sessions, and the staff was equally as excited to be spending every day at the beach.

This summer we wanted to really focus on goal setting with the kids. At the beginning of each surf session we would talk about what goals students had and then regroup after to see who met their goal. Barbára from Cerro Mariposa wanted to get out of the whitewater and onto the face of the wave. Johao from Cerro Toro wanted to get over his fear of the ocean and feel comfortable going into deep water. Goals ranged far and wide, and we are proud to say many students accomplished their goals over the course of the summer.

Now that March is here and Fall is upon us, the kids are back at school and the VSP staff is hard at work in the office. There is a certain buzz in the air with the start of a new school year. We are excited to get back into the swing of English classes and weekend surf sessions.

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