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Q1 Impact Report 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022

Two people surfing a small wave in Chile.
Party wave!

After navigating civil unrest, closed borders, quarantines, and curfews for two years we are back surfing with our kids. In December 2021 we were able to return to in-person activities which coincided perfectly with the start of the Chilean summer. For VSP students, it was a momentous return to the waves. The pandemic further highlighted the important impact surfing has on the mental and physical health of our students and the increased need for all our programming.

Thanks to your support, this past quarter we:

  • Worked with 3 communities and 3 SENAME centers

  • Impacted 63 students

  • Provided 101 hours of programming over 24 surf sessions

  • Worked with 5 VSP graduates and 5 volunteers

A group of kids sitting in a circle next to surfboards lined up along a fence
Post-surf sandwiches and reflection

A group of people sitting in a circle eating lunch
Close-up of lunch circle

"[This summer] myself and the other graduates led the surf sessions. It was an amazing experience. Going from being a student to being a mentor and helping other kids in the program was an incredible experience. It was so great to be able to laugh together and to be a support in the lives of [VSP students]. The best part was being able to be there for the kids who needed someone to talk to or who needed an outlet. We were there to help them. That was the best part of summer." - Charlot, VSP Graduate

Two girls in masks
Mariana and Charlot, two VSP graduates!

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